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Class days and times
This year we are running three sessions. Session one will be 11 weeks and starts October 17, 2022 to December 26, 2022. Session two will be 8 weeks and starts January 2, 2023 to February 20, 2023. Session three will be 8 weeks and starts February 27, 2023 to April 17, 2023.

We offer instruction for children interested in both figure skating and hockey and can accommodate a wide range of ability, from the true beginners that have never been on skates to more advanced students. Students can register and join the class any time throughout the program as long as there is space left in the class. For children who are unable to start at the beginning of the program (due to other sports or any other reason) please contact us for more information.

Classes are held at the McVann-O'Keefe Skating Rink in Peabody, MA on Mondays at 5:15-6:05pm and 6:15-7:05pm. The Hockey Fundamentals class is held in the 5:15-6:05pm hour only and the Figure Skating Advanced Skills classes are held during the 6:15-7:05pm hour only. Students may enroll in classes at any time; fees will be pro-rated.

To register, send the registration form and injury waiver, found on our forms page, along with the first installment fee to:

Peabody Skating Club
6 Goodale Street
Peabody, MA 01960

If your registration is received after your class has filled, you will be contacted by phone and placed on a waiting list. If you have any questions, please call Darlene Giardina at (781) 305-3555.

Please contact us for more details.

The cost for the First session is $220.00 for 11 weeks.
The cost for the Second Session is $160.00 for 8 weeks.
The cost for the Third Session is $160.00 for 8 weeks.
The installment fee is prorated for those that start later in the program. We do offer rolling enrollment, so students can join at any time as long as we still have space. All students must also pay a $25 registration fee (once per year).

Please make all checks payable to Peabody Skating Club, Inc

Special Pricing:
The installment fee is prorated for those that start later in the program.
Sibling discounts are available, contact us for more information.
Students who decide to pay for lessons on a weekly basis will be charged $23 per lesson.

Refund policy:
We want to make sure that the students come to class because they want to, not just because it has been paid for. As such, in the first two weeks of classes, you may withdraw from the program and we will refund any paid fees, less the registration and the fee for the classes you have attended.

All children must have their own skates. Students may buy or rent skates. Woody's Pro Shop, right at the rink (978-535-1175), has skates for rent or to buy. Hockey skates are required for both Hockey Skating Skills classes.

Skates should be sharpened with a hollow ground even if they are new skates. This can be done right at Woody's Pro Shop.

Helmets are required for the Hockey Skating Skills classes, and strongly recommended for all students. Multi-sport helmets are preferred; bike helmets should only be used if they are a good, tight, fit.

No other special equipment is necessary, though we recommend all students dress warmly and that beginners bring gloves to keep hands warm while learning to get up on the ice.

Hockey Skating Skills classes
This class focuses on teaching the proper skating techniques for children interested in pursuing hockey. All elements will be taught without a stick or puck. Unlike our other classes, hockey skates are required. This class is taught during the 5:15-6:05 hour only. Skaters must have passed Basic 2 to enroll in Hockey Skating Skills

Inclement weather
Severe weather may cause classes to be canceled. Classes lost this way cannot be made up or refunded. In cases of inclement weather, please call Darlene Giardina at (781) 305-3555 or the Rink at (978) 535-2110 after 2pm.

We accept children aged 3 and up. Many other programs accept younger children, however, in our over 45 years of experience, we have found that children under age 3 are not ready learn how to skate without supports. Other progams get around this by having younger children "learn to skate" by pushing around milk crates on the ice. However, this practice actually teaches children improper skating techniques that must be unlearned later. Instead, we teach children the correct way to skate from the beginning in a fun and safe environment.